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Through my public relations major, job, and internship opportunities I have been able to work on projects that have expanded my PR experience, knowledge and skill.



As a student in a strategic communications research class, we looked at current methods related to PR and advertising. Through focus groups and surveys, we were able to understand our target audience and design strategic methods to connect with them. In teams of five, we chose a mock client, Fenty Beauty, and identified a competitor, Kylie Cosmetics, then examined both of their Twitter accounts. We created codes to decipher different qualities of tweets with the goal of finding what techniques pushed tweets to succeed. Below is a report of our findings, we pitched recommendations to help our client boost media engagement with their targeted public.


As a student in a strategic communication class, we worked on how to effectively research and target diverse audiences within business communication. My team and I conducted a social media audit as a class assignment that focused on analyzing the Twitter engagement of our client, McDonald’s, and our competitor, Wendy’s. Our assignment was to provide strategic recommendations for how they could increase engagement among key audiences. We examined the latest six-month’s worth of activity from both Twitter accounts. Below is a report displaying what we found during the audit, as well as recommendations of strategies for the client to use on their on social platforms.



Last summer I was fortunate enough to land an internship at the Library of Congress (LOC) as a development intern. My internship focused on supporting the LOC Development Office’s high priority fundraising initiatives including, exhibitions, signature events, and foundation grants. I was asked to research the online donations that the library had received. I created an infographic that highlighted major trends and gave a visual representation of the data of online donations within the last decade. This was the first time that research of this activity had been made. At the end of my research I presented my findings and infographic to the development board. I also participated in assisting and helping update the Developments Office’s Business Rules and Procedures documentation for use within the office and throughout the library. Additionally, I was a part of general administrative and project plan assistance.


Through my student leader positions and campus jobs I have organized many events focused on supporting underrepresented students achieving higher education. Event planning is an area of work that I have done since high school and continues to be a big interest for me. My inspiration for planning events comes from my own identity and experiences.


February 23-24, 2019

During my time as internal director of the University of Oregon Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA) chapter I was in charge of all the logistics of the 2019 Aztlán del Noroeste Regional Conference, a social justice student activist conference, that had 125 attendees from all over Oregon. I managed all the logistics of the conference workshops, keynote speakers, political action, pop up shops, meals, dance, etc. I had to develop a 7K budget and raised all funds in six months to support the conference.

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