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The Best Memories Are With Music

Some of the happiest moments in my life have been when I’ve been attending a concert. Nothing beats getting dressed up with your friends to go listen and dance to your favorite artists. I am so happy that I can share this type of interest with my best friend. In one year we have been to 17 concerts. Which is something I am incredibly proud of, that’s what I like to call dedication. I’ll be exiting concerts and already wishing I could relive the entire experience. Due to FOMO I’m so obsessed with having to go to every hip-hop show that comes to Oregon. The hip-hop scene is already weak here so I’m always on the lookout for the next upcoming concert in the area.

One of the best things you could do in this life is attend a music festival listening to all your favorite artists in one weekend. I like to describe music festivals like a concert on steroids. You got two to three stages with artists coming out back to back all day usually for about three days. It takes a lot of energy. I went to my first music festival, Day N Vegas, not too long ago and I all I could think was “Wow I was made for this.” I am hoping to be able to go to at least the top three festivals from this list soon in my life.

I’ve become interested in the functions of these festivals specifically, the communications part. Like public relations, the festival business has been booming in recent years. In this Forbes article about how this PR expert made a career out of music festival, Isis Briones interviews public relations expert Alex Jukes for some insight of the music festival market around the world and what it looks like to work on the communication side of it.

These festivals are so popular and have great turnouts just with the power from promoting it off social media. But in reality there’s a lot of strategic planning that goes into making music festivals big. People will be buying their tickets a year in advance and waiting all year for it.

I am so happy to know that jobs like these exist in this world because I aspire to enter this career at a certain point in my life.

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